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Building a Giant

In order to be a giant in the ring, there has to be plenty of time spent in the gym. Some of the greatest have different offense techniques but almost all of them agree that defense in essential to winning.


MMA or Boxing?

A discussion between boxing and UFC.

What do you think? Is boxing a ‘dying breed’?

Is MMA and UFC the new fighting sport?

Will there be any boxing greats in the near future?

Or, is this even a discussion?

Intimidation that is Boxing

Certainly, the world in the ring can be intimidating. The opponent bobs and weaves and thrusts his hands at the opponent with vicious intent. The point of the sport, after all, is to win by points or knockdown. The first one down or most punches landed upon is called the loser and has to accept fault in front of the on-watchers. There is no team in the ring. There is one boxer against another boxer. One will win and the other will lose–it is as simple as that.

“Once that bell rings you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy.”

—Joe Louis

This intimidation continues outside of the ring as well. Most boxers begin their career finding gyms that support boxing training and continues into sparring.  While sparring can occur in a controlled environment, often with protective gear, the intent is the same–to intimidate the opponent with vicious combinations. The only way to learn is to get back up again. Any boxer will tell you that getting knocked down is part of the game that even the best fighters had to learn.



Like every month, Athletic Supporters will focus on a different sport and bring to light the volunteering and conservation efforts within that sport. This month, boxing will be the main feature. There are exciting volunteering issues that the boxing world provides for their community.

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Sustainability -The Source of Masdar

In order for things to change, changes need to be made. This simple statement was given precedence in the barren lands of United Arab Emirates.  Masdar, a planned city project, is currently being constructed and developed with environmental concerns and sustainability as the focal point. The developer, Mubadala Development Company, an Abu Dhabi investment company, is building an entire city that “will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology.”

Keeping the traditional design of local Arab cities, Foster + Partners designed a city from the ground up that will “incorporate narrow streets; the shading of windows, exterior walls and walkways; thick-walled buildings; courtyards and wind towers; vegetation and a generally walkable city.” The entire design is meant to provide a specific purpose and functional. For example, the close proximity of the buildings will provide shade for the city dwellers as they pass through the streets. And, the wind towers will provide even more relief from the heat. Even the office workers will be relieved as the walls of their office buildings will naturally prevent the heat from penetrating. Everything has a reason, a purpose and function.

Even further, Masdar, which means ‘source’ in Arabic, will incorporate a PRT (Personable Rapid Transportation) system that will give the visitors and locals the ability to travel underground to their destination–hands free. This Youtube video shows the use and functionality of the PRT:

Masdar will also incorporate power from the newly designed solar system Shams 1. The Shams 1 is designed to concentrate solar power and provide 100 Mega Watts of energy which can power around 20,000 homes. Shams 1 is a new design and, therefore, tests are still being carried out on functionality.

The idea remains–in order for things to change, changes need to be made.Though the area is new and the idea is bold, Masdar is a step in the right direction. For the first time, a city will be completely self-sustaining with zero waste. This is exactly what the world needs to see and may inspire other large cities to consider such changes.

What do you think? A discussion among bikers and hikers.

Mountain bikers use the woods and mountains to get the most of their sport. To do this, they often focus their efforts on building trails. These trails are often found in parks and need maintenance for continued use.  In return, they claim to also focus their efforts on trail degradation. They understand that to continue to enjoy biking they must protect the areas in which they bike. This protection is done so through awareness, funds and maintenance.

Hikers focus their efforts on the natural enjoyment of the woods. They go out of their way to ensure protection and try to not physically put their sport to use on the woods. What this means, is that they do not need modified trails to enjoy their sport.

Why are hikers and bikers at a difference then? Both of these recreational athletes use the environment to enjoy their sport.  In the video provided, both sides get a chance to display their stance.

Both examples provided in the video show that each incumbent has a stance and reason for their stance. On the side of the mountain biker, they use the land to further enjoy their sport. This use comes from modification of the land, of which they maintain and protect. The hiker, on the other-hand, claims to also enjoy their sport but without modification or, as they claim, ‘destruction’ of the land.

What do you think?

Are bikers destroying the land? Or, are hikers finding reasons to complain?