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Freeze Your Ass Off 10k–Gwangju, South Korea

Another event, another cause.

We are gearing up to hold a 10k in Gwangju, South Korea for a local environmental group. Plans are still being confirmed but we thought we would pass around the information we  have at the moment.

Sign up for the event and know that your athletic efforts are going towards a great cause!
Click HERE for event information and sign-up!


Photoshop Fun

Think you can do better?? Prove it!!

Include Athletic Supporters logo in a drawing, picture or photo-bomb (only appropriate images) and the best one will be presented on Facebook and at athleticssupporters.com.

Have fun!!

Charity Gear

Choosing the right gear for a charity run is as important as physically preparing for a run. The proper gear can be essential for the competitor as it determines how comfortable the event can be. Those choosing to be competitive may want to put more focus on their shoes. The ‘keg’ runners may want to focus on their shoes, as well, but might want to put more effort into their appearance—focusing both on comfort and projection. Again, whatever the level of determination, being prepared is essential.

The more serious runner should consider choosing tried and true equipment. This means that their shoes, and other essentials, should have been tried and determined to be fit. The true method means that they should be at least familiar with the brand before they buy. Sticking with the true brands such as Adidas, Nike and Aesics (to name a few) are best, as the company usually puts enough effort into their products. Appearance is needed, but functionality is essential.

The keg runners have a different mindset when entering into charity runs. Their objective might be focused more on having fun and looking funny. First is first though wear: appropriate shoes. However, in order to achieve a true hilarious outlook, consider bending or breaking the rules with properly preparing. If the run is cold, consider wearing less clothing. Instead of warming up with clothes consider warming up with adrenaline. A man in a speedo during the winter months might not sound like a ton of fun, but it is almost guaranteed to bring a laugh (or maybe a creepy look of disgust). Also, consider a group. One person with a sock on his head is most often viewed as crazy. A group, on the other hand, wearing socks on their head can never be dull. Another consideration is overdressing. Just as funny as wearing less, overdressing can often please the crowd. A full Santa outfit is sure to turn some heads.

Just remember, have fun and be safe. Consider your determination and go with it. It is never a bad thing to donate your time for the time of others—and most often people are extremely grateful.
Also, in the comment section below, please include funny custom ideas…and how you might prepare for such an event.