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Site Update: From the Editor

In an effort to keep originality, I have decided to focus more on content rather than amount of posts. Rather than posting content for the sake of content, I am going to focus more on interviews, site design and originality.

Before I decided to run this site, I had accumulated a few months worth of interviews and writings and was pleased with the message: volunteering and conservation awareness through athletics. 

I felt that the postings I had contributed greatly represented what was current and provided an impact. I even had time to interview those around the athletic world that represented what Athletic Supporters were all about. However, my personal workload has increased (Have Done Will Do and Say Kimchi News) and the recent postings have slid a bit.

In order to fully provide interesting information, I have decided to scale back on the amount of posts and focus more on the content of the posts. This means that Athletic Supporters will be able to provide more interviews, more investigative writings, more current information and everything exciting.

Enjoy the changes as this will guarantee a more fulfilling website.