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Freeze Your Ass Off 10k–Gwangju, South Korea

Another event, another cause.

We are gearing up to hold a 10k in Gwangju, South Korea for a local environmental group. Plans are still being confirmed but we thought we would pass around the information we  have at the moment.

Sign up for the event and know that your athletic efforts are going towards a great cause!
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Conservation Poll


Like every month, Athletic Supporters will focus on a different sport and bring to light the volunteering and conservation efforts within that sport. This month, boxing will be the main feature. There are exciting volunteering issues that the boxing world provides for their community.

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Green NHL

The National Hockey League is in the business of producing edge of your seat playoffs series, bone-crunching hits and recyclable water for the Northwest. In fact, they have produced 6.7 million gallons of water through their Gallons for Goals initiative program. This program aims to replenish the depleting water supply of the Deschutes River through a 1,000 gallon replenishing effort through every goal scored. At the end of the season, the NHL’s highly-skilled players, scored a combined 6,726 times.

According to deschutesriver.org, Deschutes River has had a history of “low streamflows…habit degradation, water quality problems and [an] unhealthy habitat for fish and wildlife.” There is a water conservation effort in-tact that is producing canals to replenish waters and educating farmers about on-site farm efficiency.





The NHL is also protecting other fresh water programs through it’s PSA titled “Hockey Depends on Water” program.


The NHL and NRDC PSA aims to raise public consciousness about the threat of water scarcity and its effect on the environment, recreation and youth participation in sport.

World Wildlife Fund–Lights Out

Just this past week, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held their 2012 Earth Hour campaign. The 2012 Earth Hour inspired over 150 countries to educate themselves on climate change and inspired communities and businesses to ‘turn off all their non-essential lights. This year, some of the world’s most well-known buildings and land-marks took place. The Eiffel Tower in France joined, as well as the Convention Center in Hong Kong. The event was a success.

This year, the WWF is also inspiring cities to compete in the Earth Hour City Challenge. This friendly competition urges cities to challenge towards a more sustainable community and ‘promote renewable energy.’  By cutting carbon dioxide and promoting a healthier community, these cities across the US will receive eligibility for ‘national recognition, technical assistance and financial grants.’  The winners of this competition will be announced March 2013.

Top Aquariums

1) For Kids–Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is made just for kids. The aquarium features the Splash Zone which is a 7,000 square foot ‘hands-on’ zone with toys, crawl areas and kid friendly displays. There are incredible live-view camera’s and video libraries which help to educate and inform the public. Donations are accepted and help to promote conservations efforts of the ocean and education for children.

2) World’s Largest–Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium with over ‘8.5 million gallon marine and fresh water housing more than 120,000 animals of 500 different species.’ Located in Atlanta, this aquarium is 550,000 square feet encased in glass and steel housing a massive ballroom, food court and other facilities. Their “Swim With Gentle Giants” program, started in 2008, allows divers to swim with whale sharks. And, although the program has been scrutinized (for lack of animal safety) they claim the program is for the understanding and education of the whales. Their goal is to lead the research and conservation efforts in the aquatic world.

3) International–Dubai Aquarium

Dubai is known for housing exotic hotels and restaurants–the Dubai Aquarium is no exception. This virtual tour showcases the exotic and eloquent surroundings of the aquarium tunnel–where participants can walk through, around and under the encased display. They house the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world and house them in the worlds largest suspended aquarium.