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It’s all about the stickers…

A few completed stickers completed with a fully functional QR code for quick access to the website.

Stickers will be sold at $5 a piece near San Diego, California. If you want a few shipped to other addresses please let us know.

Small step in the right direction towards volunteering and conservation solutions.


What is an Athletic Supporter?

Athletic Supporters are those that are athletically involved and supportive of volunteering efforts and conservation causes. While remaining active, these type of people understand that they can provide a better world through helping others and contributing towards education and the protection of the globe. Athletic Supporters plans to establish itself as the ‘athletic gateway towards conservation and volunteering events’…Furthermore, the website will have a journalistic approach as interviews, cover stories and investigative work will be a normal routine to further promote athletics, volunteering efforts and conservation causes.

Five Worst Trends in Surfing

5) For the Girl (Or Guys)
Anything that gets popular, is usually followed by impressers, similar to one-uppers. They are active in the sport only for the rewards. Don’t do this. Enjoy the sport for what it is, and the rewards will come.

4) The Hawaiian Shirt
Sure, this shirt has been around for quite some time, but it doesn’t mean that it was ever cool. If you’re Hawaiian maybe, other than that it just looks too American–too touristy.

3) Animal Surfing
This one isn’t too bad for the surfer that knows what he/she is doing. All others, though, need to stay away from this. There are too many people out there trying to include man’s best friend on a not so casual sport–this could be very dangerous.

2) Too Much Gear
Getting into surfing can be somewhat expensive. Most people find a board and other essentials and ride with it. The other, well they gobble as much as possible and flaunt it–nothing looks worse. Decide if you like the sport first, and then, roll with it.

1) Unprepared
Be prepared. This should be followed with anything in life. When it comes to sport, however, this can make you quickly look like a fool. Do some research on the essential gear, prepare yourself with some lessons and start slow. No need to head to the deep end right away.