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First Athletic Supporters Event

Athletic Supporters will hold it’s first event come October in South Korea. We are expecting a nice turn-out and will provide an educational message to support volunteering and conservation causes through athletics. Stay tuned as we will provide more information about the event.


Sustainability -The Source of Masdar

In order for things to change, changes need to be made. This simple statement was given precedence in the barren lands of United Arab Emirates.  Masdar, a planned city project, is currently being constructed and developed with environmental concerns and sustainability as the focal point. The developer, Mubadala Development Company, an Abu Dhabi investment company, is building an entire city that “will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology.”

Keeping the traditional design of local Arab cities, Foster + Partners designed a city from the ground up that will “incorporate narrow streets; the shading of windows, exterior walls and walkways; thick-walled buildings; courtyards and wind towers; vegetation and a generally walkable city.” The entire design is meant to provide a specific purpose and functional. For example, the close proximity of the buildings will provide shade for the city dwellers as they pass through the streets. And, the wind towers will provide even more relief from the heat. Even the office workers will be relieved as the walls of their office buildings will naturally prevent the heat from penetrating. Everything has a reason, a purpose and function.

Even further, Masdar, which means ‘source’ in Arabic, will incorporate a PRT (Personable Rapid Transportation) system that will give the visitors and locals the ability to travel underground to their destination–hands free. This Youtube video shows the use and functionality of the PRT:

Masdar will also incorporate power from the newly designed solar system Shams 1. The Shams 1 is designed to concentrate solar power and provide 100 Mega Watts of energy which can power around 20,000 homes. Shams 1 is a new design and, therefore, tests are still being carried out on functionality.

The idea remains–in order for things to change, changes need to be made.Though the area is new and the idea is bold, Masdar is a step in the right direction. For the first time, a city will be completely self-sustaining with zero waste. This is exactly what the world needs to see and may inspire other large cities to consider such changes.

It’s all about the stickers…

A few completed stickers completed with a fully functional QR code for quick access to the website.

Stickers will be sold at $5 a piece near San Diego, California. If you want a few shipped to other addresses please let us know.

Small step in the right direction towards volunteering and conservation solutions.

What is an Athletic Supporter?

Athletic Supporters are those that are athletically involved and supportive of volunteering efforts and conservation causes. While remaining active, these type of people understand that they can provide a better world through helping others and contributing towards education and the protection of the globe. Athletic Supporters plans to establish itself as the ‘athletic gateway towards conservation and volunteering events’…Furthermore, the website will have a journalistic approach as interviews, cover stories and investigative work will be a normal routine to further promote athletics, volunteering efforts and conservation causes.

Next Media Animation

Taiwanese animators created a video that explains, in their mind, the implications of increased violence in hockey. The animation here is violent and does contain blood. Also, this is a complete fabrication, but entertaining nonetheless. Here is their video:

Best Hockey Arena’s

1) Bell Centre–Home to the Montreal Canadians

This Arena was erected in 1996 after 3 years of construction. It holds over 21,000 people and is known around the NHL for holding the largest capacity of fans. In addition to holding the Montreal Canadians, the Bell Centre is also home to some of the biggest acts. In Canada, it can be considered one of the busiest around. Also, in 2008 the Bell Centre “was the 6th busiest arena in the world based on ticket sales for non-sporting events.”

2) Xcel Energy Center–Home to the Minnesota Wild

The Xcel Center has been known to be one of the most exciting venues across the United States. In 2004,  Xcel was ranked ‘as the best overall sports venue in the U.S.’ by ESPN. Also, according to NHL.com, the Minnesota Wild set a record as an expansion team selling out all home games and amassing more than 750,000 people in their first season (2000-2001).

3) Minsk Arena–Home to the HC Dinamo Minsk (Russian Website)

Home to 15,000 plus fans, the Minsk Arena is the largest KHL arena and one of the best in Europe. The arena held the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, the 2nd KHL All-Star game and will also hold the IIHF 2014 World Championship.  The arena is a multifaceted venue and continues to hold various events for fans around Belarus.

Extra: University of Michigan–The Big Chill at the Big House

The Big House is home to the biggest hockey game ever held. There was an excess of 100,000 fans watching Michigan Wolverines battle Michigan State Spartans. The final score was 5-0 in favor of Michigan. Overall, the game was a ferocious display of enthusiasm for what some people consider to be the greatest sport of all time.