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Freeze Your Ass Off 10k–Gwangju, South Korea

Another event, another cause.

We are gearing up to hold a 10k in Gwangju, South Korea for a local environmental group. Plans are still being confirmed but we thought we would pass around the information we  have at the moment.

Sign up for the event and know that your athletic efforts are going towards a great cause!
Click HERE for event information and sign-up!


A Video Recap: Athletic Supporters Charity Success

Thanks to Rachel A. for the pictures, video, interviews and editing!! Also, thanks to Tyler M. and Nabeela I. for pictures too!

AS we already mentioned, the basketball event that helped MDream was a complete success. In celebration, we decided to put together a video recap to show everyone what it was like to be there and all the fun that everyone had.

Enjoy the video and know that Athletic Supporters is there to provide future events for causes.

First Athletic Basketball Event a Success!

The first athletic charity event was a complete success.

The children of MDream benefited from a tremendous amount of support through donations, volunteer work and participation.

The event started with a BBQ and a gathering. Tequilaz, a local Mexican style restaurant, donated pulled-pork and coleslaw that was an instant favorite. From there, everyone was then invited to participate in the basketball event or cheer on the teams.

During the athletic event, those in the stands were treated to cupcakes provided from MDream Confectionery. MDream Confectionery was launched recently by a few high school girls with MDream. They provide cupcakes and baked goods.

The event ended with tired athletes and one winning team. This team was given prizes and prize money. Tequilaz also donated gift cards to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well. Included in the winnings were raffle drawings and prizes for best/funniest dressed team.

The event was a success and we are excited to continue the success with more events and donations.

Enjoy a few of the pictures:

Basketball Event in Gwangju, Korea

Gwangju Korean Basketball EventOnly a week away from Athletic Supporters holding their first event. As I already mentioned, we will be supporting MDream and providing them with an 80% contribution from all money raised.  I personally don’t expect the world, but I’m hopeful  that we can provide a few more happy days for the kids involved.

Anyways, if you can’t make it to Korea and still want to be apart of this, go HERE and DONATE! We would love to have as much support as possible.

You can find all the details of the event on this PAGE.

Korean Orphange–Athletic Supporters Event

A picture of the gym that will hold the first Athletic Supporters volunteer event.

We are holding a 3 on 3 basketball event to benefit a Korean orphanage. Proceeds will go to MDream and their continuous effort to help children in need.

If you would like to be apart of this (and can’t make the event) please donate and KNOW that 80% will directly benefit Mdream. The remaining will go towards the continuous effort of hosting like events.

DONATE: http://causeitsanadventure.blogspot.kr/p/donate-to-athletic-supporters.html

MDREAM: http://www.mdream.org/

Black and Blue

An apparent black eye is fixed on the world of boxing. This black eye has diminished a once great league and shown the world the downside of greed, corruption and personal gain within sports. Though there is always a brighter say around the corner, this day may not be seen for awhile.

In the meantime, a few boxers are trying to cover the blackness with giving, goodness and community gain. Such athletes as Danny Green, a former Australian IBO Cruiserweight Champion, has turned the frown upside down on the league and has “been raising money for charity by being involved in the prestigious Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race which set sail from Sydney.”

In more recent efforts, DeAndre Latimore and a few prospects have joined Team Fight to Walk. The charity groups mission is to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injuries within the boxing world. Prominent boxers such as Floriano “L’Italiano” Pagliara and Will “Power” Rosinsky have also joined the battle.

Though the black eye is is still apparent, efforts like those described will eventually overcome the greed and money grabbers of the league. Fighters, trainers, promoters and those in charge all have something to contribute. Through repeated good there can only be a positive reaction.


NHL Involvement

The NHL plays a part in many organizations and causes in the United States and abroad. From river clean-up and water sustainability to providing a helping hand.  The league also encourages many of it’s players, owners and employees to help local communities through charity.

David Backes and his wife Kelly are active in the St. Louis community and frequently take on projects. One such project is ‘David’s Dogs’ and ‘Kelly’s Kats’. This program helps neglected dogs and cats find a good home. David and Kelly are also on the Board of Directors and help promote and participate in various fundraisers.

The NHL message is for everyone to get involved:

*video courtesy of NHLVideo and Youtube