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Harry Reid Talks about the Pacquiao Fight

As a recent judge, Harry Reid discusses his view on the fight. Good insight.



Another controversial event occurred within the world of boxing. The Bradley–Pacquiao fight was certainly a thriller but, as many claim, ended with the wrong victor. The Filipino boxer and politician was suppose to win another fight and continue on his way as one of the world’s greatest. Bradley was suppose to put up a challenge but, according to everyone’s scorecards, was not suppose to demand a win from the judges.

In an unexpected turn of events, the fight concluded with Bradley as the winner.Though the scorecards show that Pacquiao landed 34% of his punches and landed almost 100 more than Bradley, the judges felt that Bradley won despite the evidence.

Is the world of boxing hurting because of this calamity? Or is the skepticism drawing in a reaction that means more views, money and support from fans? Certainly tarnishing a reputation that Manny has garnered over his career is something the boxing world would never do. However, and many skeptics point out, the boxing world has been crumbling for years and this fight was the icing on the cake. An injustice was done. So, who’s to blame?