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An Interview with Devon Alexander

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Devon Alexander has excelled within the boxing world.

He has defeated many opponents and has proved himself to be a force for years to come. Some of his recent accomplishments include being the former WBC and IBF Light Welterweight champion. He currently sports a 23-1 record with his only loss ruled as a technical decision via the 10th round against Timothy Bradley.  Devon’s accomplishments are incredible.

At the young age of 17, Devon entered the professional boxing world through a local gym owned and operated by Kevin Cunningham. He quickly excelled.

At first, Devon considered boxing as “just something to do to keep [him] busy after school hours.” He wanted nothing to do with the drugs and violence that surrounded his hometown of North St. Louis. However, as he “became good at it, [he] fell in love with it.” It was his love of boxing, his outlook on life and the work of Cunningham that gave Devon a chance to shine through the grime of downtown St. Louis.

His out of the ring sportsmanship is also something to admire. Having not succumbed to the pressures of drugs and the thug life, Devon has remained active in the volunteering world. He “loves to volunteer” and “speak[s] to schools and [at] events.”

Furthermore, Devon also looks forward to coaching and opening up his own Rec center to provide “kids a place to come” and enjoy the same opportunities as he was given.

It is this continuous attitude towards accomplishing that gives Devon an advantage in the ring and on the streets. He has proven himself a force to box against and has also shown his fearless desire to help others through volunteering.  He has shown to be a respectable figure and someone to look up to. His accomplishments in and out of the ring are incredible.

Athletic Supporters appreciates the interview with Devon and hopes to show his humble upbringing as a means for others to do well and stay in the game.



Tom Schlafly Interview

Tom Schlafly discovered the importance of giving back a long time ago. He has excelled as an attorney, a writer, and co-founder of Schlafly Brewery. He explains that it is his “obligation to give back to the community” as St. Louis has given so much to him. He frequently volunteers his time to provide for the benefit of others in St. Louis and abroad.

This calling is something Tom has developed over the years as a successful St. Louis citizen. Currently, he fulfills this mission by sitting on the St. Louis Public Library Board of Directors, as appointed by the Mayor, and volunteers his time to safeguard “learning resources and information services that support and improve individual, family, and community life” as provided and conducted by the public library system. Nothing gives him greater good than to know that he is providing a helping hand to the city of St. Louis.

In addition, Tom also ensures the success of people abroad. In January 2006, before the Haiti disaster, Thomas decided that the area was in need of assistance. In his decision, he decided to sit on the CRUDEM Foundation Board and hold an annual fundraiser, A Taste of Haiti, for the hospital in Milot. He confirms that “100% of the proceeds…will support the work of the Foundation in Milot.” In addition, and after to the disastrous earthquake, Tom also held a special fundraiser to further assist the area. He continues to sit on the Board and does his part to provide and promote.

Giving back is something Tom credits as an obligation, or calling, that he has felt the need to provide. In his next adventure, Tom Schlafly will be included into a team of owners, led by Tom Stillman, to help guide the St. Louis Blues ownership into the franchise it deserves. He has claimed to be very excited about the opportunity and humbled by the experience.

This new ownership is exactly what the St. Louis Blues need. They need a group of committed individuals who not only have the desire to win, but the desire to give back to their community. The St. Louis Blues are as much of a community as the fans are of St. Louis. A group of owners who are obligated to give back to St. Louis and the St. Louis Blues are sure to guarantee success.

Athletic Supporters appreciates the interview with Tom Schlalfy and hopes for the continued success of the St. Louis Blues, Schlalfy Brewery and Bottleworks, CRUDEM and the city of St. Louis.

ESPN Bob Ramsey Interview

Enthusiasm can be a motivating factor for personal drive and success. Bob Ramsey has certainly excelled within the realm of basketball and the sports world by focusing his enthusiasm to accomplish his goals. As a young man, Ramsey had ambitions to play basketball and baseball in a high setting. While in college he did just that. He helped Lindenwold’s basketball team win the ’77-78 Regional Championship award and would later graduate from the University.  From there, he went on and focused his enthusiasm into sports broadcasting.  He explains that “the jolt of playing drives his enthusiasm while broadcasting.”

It is in the world of broadcasting where Ramsey (or Rammer as he is called on 101.1 ESPN radio) has really shined. He has captured numerous awards and has created quite a following.  He has excelled with Saint Louis University (SLU) as a sportscaster for the Billikens and was recently inducted into their Hall of Fame—which is no easy task.  Along with this award, he has also won the Missouri Sportscaster of the Year award an astounding 5 times as well as two Emmy’s. Watch the induction HERE.

His enthusiasm is also a drive for conservation efforts. He prides himself with doing what he can for conservation, and notes that even the little things can be considered big. His wife and three children recycle and frequently visit state parks and participate in outdoor sports. His family has a special interest in the Continental Divide trail in Colorado and the Colorado River. They visit Colorado every summer and have gathered attention, time and funds for the protection and conservation of the area. In addition, Bob Ramsey has spoken at the Missouri Botanical Garden and various schools about conservation efforts.

His love of basketball and passion for the outdoors has been a drive for his achievements and success.  It is this type of enthusiasm that has been beneficial for Ramsey and his family.

Lynn Jane Bate–A surfer on a Mission

Putting passions first, Lynn Jane Bate has excelled within the world of surfing. She began her surfing experience in 2005. Shortly afterwards, in 2008, she received the Canary Islands Regional Championship award and in 2009, she was ranked 5th in Nationals from Spain. She has racked up quite an impressive list of accomplishments.

In addition to these feats, Lynn has also been working hard to teach others about surfing. In fact, she has created a Youtube page which does exactly that. Her group, The Digital Surf School, uploads videos and provides insight on how to properly surf and what to expect while doing so. While not an easy task to accomplish, teaching others is something Lynn feels she can manage and has included it on her lists of passions.

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As a goal-accomplishing competitor, she does have a soft spot. And, this soft spot is reserved for another organization: Save the Waves. This group manages to provide conservation efforts within the global surf zone while educating the public about the wonders of the world’s coastline. They have done a job well done. In addition, Lynn also donates her time protecting her favorite breaks by cleaning these areas of debris and trash.

Putting passion first, Lynn has achieved quite a bit with surfing. She collects awards, manages to teach others and saves enough time for conservation efforts. There isn’t much more to ask from a Champion surfer from the Canary Islands. Best of luck looking forward