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Freeze Your Ass Off 10k–Gwangju, South Korea

Another event, another cause.

We are gearing up to hold a 10k in Gwangju, South Korea for a local environmental group. Plans are still being confirmed but we thought we would pass around the information we  have at the moment.

Sign up for the event and know that your athletic efforts are going towards a great cause!
Click HERE for event information and sign-up!


First Athletic Supporters Event

Athletic Supporters will hold it’s first event come October in South Korea. We are expecting a nice turn-out and will provide an educational message to support volunteering and conservation causes through athletics. Stay tuned as we will provide more information about the event.

Conservation Journalism

In an effort to promote conservation efforts, Athletic Supporters is looking for journalists to submit their stories. We are looking for investigative stories that are focused on culture, conservation and athletics.

Athletic Supporters plans to establish itself as the ‘athletic gateway towards conservation and volunteering events’…Furthermore, the website will have a journalistic approach as interviews, cover stories and investigative work will be a normal routine to further promote athletics, volunteering efforts and conservation causes.

Brazil Among Us

In order for things to change an idea needs to be made, accepted and challenged.


The world over has made a case to put environmental policies on the back burner. Numerous political powers are insinuating that the ‘time of change is upon us’—only to backhand these comments and the people who eagerly await. Countries such as Brazil encourage others to contribute and to do their part. However, when the time comes for strides to continue; the political and powerful shy away.

Brazil is the front runner on successful environmental policies. However, and according to, “the government has not, on the whole, been effective in controlling damage to the environment.” Their policies have been favored, but have not necessarily taken control of their potential failures. Continue reading

Conservation Poll

Sharing is Caring?

There are plenty of conservation and volunteering efforts that need exposure. Some of these efforts have thrived from social media and survived by the ‘like’,’share’,’tweet’ and ‘stumble’. Given the fact that it is relatively easy to ‘aid’ those in need behind a computer and through a simple click, the vast majority has taken to the idea and ran with it.

Plenty of these conservation and volunteering efforts have catered to the social standouts and have used them to further their campaign. What’s wrong with this? Nothing. In actuality, social media has written a page on ‘how to market’ and been a leading factor for positive change. Often times, when the appropriate amount of exposure is given to a cause, the effort soon follows. Recent causes have been supported primarily through social media, and then through fundraising. Even still, there are cases that have been given consideration through social media alone that has been proven successful.

So, it is evident that companies who use social media for further exposure are contributing towards a positive change. The problem arises not with the company but with the “social media activist” who lay claim to change with a click of the mouse.

Put simply, and avoiding debate, there is more to be done than a clicking a simple ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘tweet’ or ‘stumble’. Do spread the word through social media outlets, but also encourage participation through action.

Sustainability -The Source of Masdar

In order for things to change, changes need to be made. This simple statement was given precedence in the barren lands of United Arab Emirates.  Masdar, a planned city project, is currently being constructed and developed with environmental concerns and sustainability as the focal point. The developer, Mubadala Development Company, an Abu Dhabi investment company, is building an entire city that “will rely entirely on solar energy and other renewable energy sources, with a sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste ecology.”

Keeping the traditional design of local Arab cities, Foster + Partners designed a city from the ground up that will “incorporate narrow streets; the shading of windows, exterior walls and walkways; thick-walled buildings; courtyards and wind towers; vegetation and a generally walkable city.” The entire design is meant to provide a specific purpose and functional. For example, the close proximity of the buildings will provide shade for the city dwellers as they pass through the streets. And, the wind towers will provide even more relief from the heat. Even the office workers will be relieved as the walls of their office buildings will naturally prevent the heat from penetrating. Everything has a reason, a purpose and function.

Even further, Masdar, which means ‘source’ in Arabic, will incorporate a PRT (Personable Rapid Transportation) system that will give the visitors and locals the ability to travel underground to their destination–hands free. This Youtube video shows the use and functionality of the PRT:

Masdar will also incorporate power from the newly designed solar system Shams 1. The Shams 1 is designed to concentrate solar power and provide 100 Mega Watts of energy which can power around 20,000 homes. Shams 1 is a new design and, therefore, tests are still being carried out on functionality.

The idea remains–in order for things to change, changes need to be made.Though the area is new and the idea is bold, Masdar is a step in the right direction. For the first time, a city will be completely self-sustaining with zero waste. This is exactly what the world needs to see and may inspire other large cities to consider such changes.