Brazil Among Us

In order for things to change an idea needs to be made, accepted and challenged.


The world over has made a case to put environmental policies on the back burner. Numerous political powers are insinuating that the ‘time of change is upon us’—only to backhand these comments and the people who eagerly await. Countries such as Brazil encourage others to contribute and to do their part. However, when the time comes for strides to continue; the political and powerful shy away.

Brazil is the front runner on successful environmental policies. However, and according to, “the government has not, on the whole, been effective in controlling damage to the environment.” Their policies have been favored, but have not necessarily taken control of their potential failures.

Even further, many scientists are urging Brazil to do more. “Brazil’s success in…conservation [is] being watched by the world as a potential model. But recent developments raise concerns” said John Kress, a botanist at the Smithsonian Institution.

Some areas of concern are the lack of control over deforestation, the destruction of habitat for the indigenous population and pollution of the water system. It is clear that the environmental concerns have been put on the back-burner.

It seems that the model of environmental success that Brazil has upheld over the past few years is fading. Something needs to change. Instead of encouraging others, Brazil needs to look at their own agendas and consider what is more important—economic success through environmental destruction or success through responsible means.

It is an important time in the world of environmentalism and conservation. Many more countries have failed to address the potential decline of their own habitats. If Brazil continues this trend there could be implications that favor destruction and damage environments.

The time is now to stand up for environmental action.

In order for things to change an idea needs to be made, accepted and challenged.


1 thought on “Brazil Among Us

  1. Shay M Post author

    Brazil is still a model for success and I personally love Brazil and have a strong desire to visit there. I just don’t want to see them put environmental concerns behind them.


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