Black and Blue

An apparent black eye is fixed on the world of boxing. This black eye has diminished a once great league and shown the world the downside of greed, corruption and personal gain within sports. Though there is always a brighter say around the corner, this day may not be seen for awhile.

In the meantime, a few boxers are trying to cover the blackness with giving, goodness and community gain. Such athletes as Danny Green, a former Australian IBO Cruiserweight Champion, has turned the frown upside down on the league and has “been raising money for charity by being involved in the prestigious Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race which set sail from Sydney.”

In more recent efforts, DeAndre Latimore and a few prospects have joined Team Fight to Walk. The charity groups mission is to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injuries within the boxing world. Prominent boxers such as Floriano “L’Italiano” Pagliara and Will “Power” Rosinsky have also joined the battle.

Though the black eye is is still apparent, efforts like those described will eventually overcome the greed and money grabbers of the league. Fighters, trainers, promoters and those in charge all have something to contribute. Through repeated good there can only be a positive reaction.



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