[VIDEO] Too Big, Too Strong: Chavez Jr. Beats Down Andy Lee

Beats, Boxing and Mayhem

EL PASO, TEXAS — In the words of his own legendary father, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-0-1, 32 KOs) became a man last night and put everyone in the middleweight division on notice with a thorough beating of contender Andy Lee (28-2, 20 KOs) at the Sun Bowl.

From the opening bell, it was readily apparent that critic predictions that Lee would be the harder puncher were wildly inaccurate. Lee scored points when he kept Junior on the end of his lengthy jab, but the WBC titlist easily backed up Lee whenever he connected with slashing left hooks. By the third round, Chavez Jr. found great success pinning Lee to the ropes and working him over with hooks to the body and guard-splitting uppercuts.

Lee stood his ground in the fourth, resulting in some furious inside exchanges. These still favored Chavez Jr., who clearly rattled Lee with left hooks. All respect for the challenger’s punching power had ceased by…

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