MMA or Boxing?

A discussion between boxing and UFC.

What do you think? Is boxing a ‘dying breed’?

Is MMA and UFC the new fighting sport?

Will there be any boxing greats in the near future?

Or, is this even a discussion?


4 thoughts on “MMA or Boxing?

  1. MFG

    Unfortunately until boxing has one or two governing bodies with one belt per weight class and the best are forced to fight the best boxing will continue to lose fans. It is a shame because it is such a beautiful art, but Dana White figured out if people are going to spend thei time and money to watch, they want top notch fights.

  2. Shay M Post author

    Yeah, there are a few other things they could do to get back to the glory days. Unlike Rogan (who I never cared for) I do think that they will see an emergence of fans eventually. And, there are going to be new boxers who will make a name for themselves.

    1. Shay M Post author

      I see the art form in the sport and like it for that reason. I can see your point, but as someone who briefly competed, I have every appreciation for the athletes and sport.


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