Intimidation that is Boxing

Certainly, the world in the ring can be intimidating. The opponent bobs and weaves and thrusts his hands at the opponent with vicious intent. The point of the sport, after all, is to win by points or knockdown. The first one down or most punches landed upon is called the loser and has to accept fault in front of the on-watchers. There is no team in the ring. There is one boxer against another boxer. One will win and the other will lose–it is as simple as that.

“Once that bell rings you’re on your own. It’s just you and the other guy.”

—Joe Louis

This intimidation continues outside of the ring as well. Most boxers begin their career finding gyms that support boxing training and continues into sparring.  While sparring can occur in a controlled environment, often with protective gear, the intent is the same–to intimidate the opponent with vicious combinations. The only way to learn is to get back up again. Any boxer will tell you that getting knocked down is part of the game that even the best fighters had to learn.



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