Sea Change

World Environment Day and the Green Economy

World Environment Day 2012

June 05 2012

Today is the United Nation’s World Environment Day, being celebrated in thousands of ways in countries all over the world.  It is a way to stimulate worldwide awareness of environmental issues, to encourage political attention and action.  On a personal level, WED encourages you to get involved, become an agent for change, support sustainability and equitable development, and realise that it is everyone’s responsibility to look after our planet’s well being.

You have the power to make a difference.

People from all over the world are coming together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.  World Environment Day is the UN Environment Programme’s call to action.  A recognition of individuals, communities and countries who are making a difference – from planting a tree to stopping the use of plastic bags to reducing the illegal deforestation of the…

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