Sharing is Caring?

There are plenty of conservation and volunteering efforts that need exposure. Some of these efforts have thrived from social media and survived by the ‘like’,’share’,’tweet’ and ‘stumble’. Given the fact that it is relatively easy to ‘aid’ those in need behind a computer and through a simple click, the vast majority has taken to the idea and ran with it.

Plenty of these conservation and volunteering efforts have catered to the social standouts and have used them to further their campaign. What’s wrong with this? Nothing. In actuality, social media has written a page on ‘how to market’ and been a leading factor for positive change. Often times, when the appropriate amount of exposure is given to a cause, the effort soon follows. Recent causes have been supported primarily through social media, and then through fundraising. Even still, there are cases that have been given consideration through social media alone that has been proven successful.

So, it is evident that companies who use social media for further exposure are contributing towards a positive change. The problem arises not with the company but with the “social media activist” who lay claim to change with a click of the mouse.

Put simply, and avoiding debate, there is more to be done than a clicking a simple ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘tweet’ or ‘stumble’. Do spread the word through social media outlets, but also encourage participation through action.


3 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring?

  1. seathechange

    I agree with what you say, that you have to do more than just ‘Like’ something and pass it on to others. Whilst this raises awareness, if you really care about something you’ll do more than sit on your computer reading about it. You could donate time and money, you could start a real discussion (not necessarily online), you could petition people, businesses and the government to make a change… But I’d like to see some examples of those causes you mentioned that have been successful through social media alone. Because I also think that, just getting someone to ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ your cause can actually make a difference. It raises awareness of an issue, and even if the person doesn’t act on it just then – or ever – perhaps in some way it will influence the way they go about their life. And petitions have been around longer than social media – and they work without the signee needing to take more action.

  2. Shay M Post author

    When I wrote this post I was thinking of a few campaigns. However, Kony 2012 was my main focus. I liked their use of social media and the exposure that it received. But I was a little uneasy about the reaction of the ‘social media activists’. I knew a few people personally that had no idea about the situation but were encouraging people to get ‘involved’ without doing research. In fact, the more research I did on the campaign made me question whether or not I should spread the word through a ‘simple click, like, or share’. I just wish people would research a bit more before reacting. Great points.

    1. seathechange

      Thanks for your example. I agree with what you say about the Kony 2012 campaign. As an environmentalist I guess I don’t usually see that problem with conservation-orientated campaigns… But then again there are always two sides to every story, so if you’re going to emphatically support something you should definitely do it with a bit of research rather than sheep-like following. Good post 🙂


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