What do you think? A discussion among bikers and hikers.

Mountain bikers use the woods and mountains to get the most of their sport. To do this, they often focus their efforts on building trails. These trails are often found in parks and need maintenance for continued use.  In return, they claim to also focus their efforts on trail degradation. They understand that to continue to enjoy biking they must protect the areas in which they bike. This protection is done so through awareness, funds and maintenance.

Hikers focus their efforts on the natural enjoyment of the woods. They go out of their way to ensure protection and try to not physically put their sport to use on the woods. What this means, is that they do not need modified trails to enjoy their sport.

Why are hikers and bikers at a difference then? Both of these recreational athletes use the environment to enjoy their sport.  In the video provided, both sides get a chance to display their stance.

Both examples provided in the video show that each incumbent has a stance and reason for their stance. On the side of the mountain biker, they use the land to further enjoy their sport. This use comes from modification of the land, of which they maintain and protect. The hiker, on the other-hand, claims to also enjoy their sport but without modification or, as they claim, ‘destruction’ of the land.

What do you think?

Are bikers destroying the land? Or, are hikers finding reasons to complain?


3 thoughts on “What do you think? A discussion among bikers and hikers.

  1. rachaelruddick

    Iam a hiker and would be a mountain biker if I had the co ordination. I think that hikers destroy the trails plenty. How often have you go hiking through a muddy area only to find that people have created 500 new trails to avoid getting dirty boots or wet feet. I think the trail degradation is equal for both sports, and don’t forget the hiking trails were not always there either, they were created too. Also from the sheer fact that hikers will spend more time on the trail they are more likely to bathroom it up in the woods, as well as leaving scraps like apple cores, orange peel etc. or god forbid a piece of rubbish falling out of their pocket or pack. There shouldn’t be a hiker v biker platform. Any body who wants to get out and enjoy the outdoors should be considered a like minded friend. There are far too many people who’s concept of sport or the outdoors is the walkthrough their front garden to get to the gate.

  2. John

    As a hiker, runner and mountain biker, I think both points are valid. However, I usually don’t go hiking on singletrack, and the hiking trails I use are suitable for MTBs. That being said, the worst cuplrit, in my experience, is neither; it’s horses. Nothing chews up a muddy trail worse than a 1000+lb animal wearing metal shoes.

    I think it comes down to respect. All parties need to recognize the argument made by the other and learn to live together. As long as they can peaceable co-exist, it shouldn’t matter who’s using what trails for what.

  3. Shay M Post author

    Great comments. Personally, I think the bickering between the two is uncalled for. In my eyes, and as already put, ‘trail degradation is equal for both sports’. It seems, though, that both sports care about their degradation. Though, in response, they seem to only be pointing fingers and not doing their part in maintaining.

    They should have mutual respect for each other and their sports.


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