Types of Bikes

Having the appropriate bike is essential for the best ride. Here is a look at a few types of bikes and their function.

1) Touring Bikes: A comfortable bike that can carry luggage and provide a comfortable ride is perfect for those that want to travel great distances. Also providing many gear functions, these bike types can provide the correct gear functions for heavier rides. Though, they are a bit slower.

2) Mountain Bikes: These rugged type of bikes are designed to be versatile, agile, and strong. They are built to withstand the rugged terrain with ease. The tires on this design is thick and the seating is cushioned to absorb the impacts while cycling. The cons of this bike is that the thick tires make for a harder ride when biking long distances and the bike is also heavier.

3) Road Bikes: These bikes are similar to Touring bikes, but are less comfortable. They are designed to help the rider achieve higher speeds with the light frames and high-pressure tires. Road bikes are ideally the fastest bikes made.

There are other types of bikes that should make the list, however most these are hybrid design or goofy.


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