2012 Mountain Bike World Cup

Pietermaritzburg,South Africa was home to the kick-start of the 2012 Mountain Bike World Cup series. Both cross-country and downhill events launched in the middle of March, and each event will end in August and September. The event is held on 3 continents and 9 countries worldwide. Wikipedia provides a great reference for the event locations, with timely information on the current winners.

In addition, the team from UCI has been uploading and keeping viewers up-to-date with great videos showcasing each event. Here is one such video featuring a few highlights from Pietermaritzburg:

Currently, Nino Schurter is taking all the points. In 2009, he won the Mountain Bike World Championship in cross-country and seems to be heading for a championship run again. Though the season is still early, most people are looking at him to repeat this year as he did in 2009. One man, Julien Absalon, is projected to give Nino a run for his money though as he is a mountain biking icon in his own right.

As with most riders, Nino enjoys practicing and showing off his skills. In the video below, he displays his good times on the bike:

Though the Championship run is still young, there has been some exciting moments already. Stay tuned as Athletic Supporters will keep you updated on the current happenings.


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  1. Steven Jeffries

    How ya doing, Shay? Thanks for the visit and comments…BTW, some beautiful pics on your stories!


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