Wonderful World of Cycling

Basically, in the wonderful world of cycling there are 3 main types: on-road, off-road and stunt. Within these categories there are multiple subcategories. For example, on-road cycling , which is the most popular, consists of recreational (cycling over long distances), utility (transportation, not for sport) and racing (sport). The tires, gears, weight and durability of these bikes are especially different from off-road and stunt. Even the tires can differ between category and subcategory. Cycling truly is a unique sport offering variations to fit anyone’s desires and wants.

For a person desiring a more rugged experience; cycling can fit that need. Off-road cycling is mainly dominated by mountain biking, but within mountain biking there are many more subcategories. Some of these include downhill, free-ride, cross-country, etc. Again, there are many equipment variations within off-road biking that ensures success for those participating. Different tires, metal alloy and sizes of bikes are just a few differences within mountain biking.

Stunt biking is a category that often gets overlooked. But, it is one category that is consistently growing. Again, stunt biking consists of different equipment geared for the specifications for the rider and type of stunts. Stunt biking is also most known for BMX biking and received notoriety in the 90’s.

The wonderful world of biking can be enjoyed by anyone. Even those looking for a relaxing sport or athletic drive can fulfill their desire. Try it out and engage in a sport that truly can offer anything.

Doesn’t this look like fun? Video courtesy of Youtube and Go-Pro.


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