Tom Schlafly Interview

Tom Schlafly discovered the importance of giving back a long time ago. He has excelled as an attorney, a writer, and co-founder of Schlafly Brewery. He explains that it is his “obligation to give back to the community” as St. Louis has given so much to him. He frequently volunteers his time to provide for the benefit of others in St. Louis and abroad.

This calling is something Tom has developed over the years as a successful St. Louis citizen. Currently, he fulfills this mission by sitting on the St. Louis Public Library Board of Directors, as appointed by the Mayor, and volunteers his time to safeguard “learning resources and information services that support and improve individual, family, and community life” as provided and conducted by the public library system. Nothing gives him greater good than to know that he is providing a helping hand to the city of St. Louis.

In addition, Tom also ensures the success of people abroad. In January 2006, before the Haiti disaster, Thomas decided that the area was in need of assistance. In his decision, he decided to sit on the CRUDEM Foundation Board and hold an annual fundraiser, A Taste of Haiti, for the hospital in Milot. He confirms that “100% of the proceeds…will support the work of the Foundation in Milot.” In addition, and after to the disastrous earthquake, Tom also held a special fundraiser to further assist the area. He continues to sit on the Board and does his part to provide and promote.

Giving back is something Tom credits as an obligation, or calling, that he has felt the need to provide. In his next adventure, Tom Schlafly will be included into a team of owners, led by Tom Stillman, to help guide the St. Louis Blues ownership into the franchise it deserves. He has claimed to be very excited about the opportunity and humbled by the experience.

This new ownership is exactly what the St. Louis Blues need. They need a group of committed individuals who not only have the desire to win, but the desire to give back to their community. The St. Louis Blues are as much of a community as the fans are of St. Louis. A group of owners who are obligated to give back to St. Louis and the St. Louis Blues are sure to guarantee success.

Athletic Supporters appreciates the interview with Tom Schlalfy and hopes for the continued success of the St. Louis Blues, Schlalfy Brewery and Bottleworks, CRUDEM and the city of St. Louis.


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