Rules that Heed to No One

Not even into the 2nd round and the suspensions are piling. Just confirmed by the league and Brendan Shanahan, Raffi Torres has been suspended indefinitely for his hit on Marian Hossa. This suspension will be one of 7 suspensions already accumulated during the short series. Although the fans are watching, the league should know that this is not the way hockey should be played.

Here is the Torres incident:

Nicklas Backstrom has also been suspended 1 game for his cross-check on Peverley.

Carl Hagelin has also been suspended for his hit on Alfredsson. His suspension will be a total of 3 games.

Simply put, the league needs to identify the rules so that the players can fully understand and play responsibly. Also, the implications of the rules need to be swift, harsh and fair towards all players. No more should a player, based on his status, be treated differently and above the rules. Changes need to be made and rules need to be upheld.


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