The NHL playoffs are gritty, dirty, down-right nasty and long. During this time, the players care less about personal appearrance and more about advancing to the next round. Personal hygene takes a back seat to the tenacious and furious play of determination–determination to win the Lord’s Stanley Cup.

This lack of personal hygene is most evident on the face of the players. As soon as the players suit-up for game one, they abandon all razors and shaving. This abandonement results in mostly thick and over-grown beards–usually after only a few games. Even the pretty boys of the game are seen on and off the ice sporting as much of a beard as they can.

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To show support for this hockey trend, the NHL is helping the fans get involved with a beard-a-thon website. Simply, fans are encouraged to grow their facial hair in support of a personal charity and a favorite team. As of now, The St. Louis Blues have raised the most money. There are also over 500 fans participating.


Do the right thing–grow a beard!

(The beard-a-thon is technically not closed to women)


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