Conservation Sources

There are many outlets which showcase conservation efforts and wonders of the world. Here are a few of them.

1) is a website dedicated to the sole protection and education of the earth and it’s environment. They provide detailed information on where they work and how they work within these areas. They assist with the livelihood and protection of all things nature.  Donate to their cause, and know that over 82% goes towards the projects all over the globe. Let them know that Athletic Supporters sent ya!

2) Since 1988, National Geographic has excelled with their mission–inspiring people to care about the planet. Recently, they have been involved with James Cameron’s underwater adventures and inspiring people to care about earth’s deepest areas. They frequently scour the globe in search of promising stories to help inspire.

3) The Discovery Channel is also an entertaining media outlet that showcases the importance of learning about the world and all things around the globe. They feature media that ventures outside the realm of conservation, but do often show efforts with the conservation realm.


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