Conservation or Irresponsible?

Conservation, in so many ways, can be a benefit for the environment. Conservation, is at its very core, the “prevention of injury, decay, waste or loss.” However, the word conservation and the act of conserving has taken twists and turns and misconstrued into what ‘people’ want conservation to mean. In this video, a group of divers are studying tiger sharks to better preserve and understand the species–an act of conservation.

What is so troublesome about this video, is that the divers are promoting irresponsible behaviors around the sharks. This irresponsible behavior, can in turn, destroy the conceptions of the animal and cause future injury or loss.

They might be trying to promote the greater good of these magnificent creatures, but their dare-devil tactics only prompt an injury–which would surely cause a loss of appreciation for the sharks and promote the destruction of these so-called ‘human-feeding beasts.’

Educate yourself: Shark Conservation


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