ESPN Bob Ramsey Interview

Enthusiasm can be a motivating factor for personal drive and success. Bob Ramsey has certainly excelled within the realm of basketball and the sports world by focusing his enthusiasm to accomplish his goals. As a young man, Ramsey had ambitions to play basketball and baseball in a high setting. While in college he did just that. He helped Lindenwold’s basketball team win the ’77-78 Regional Championship award and would later graduate from the University.  From there, he went on and focused his enthusiasm into sports broadcasting.  He explains that “the jolt of playing drives his enthusiasm while broadcasting.”

It is in the world of broadcasting where Ramsey (or Rammer as he is called on 101.1 ESPN radio) has really shined. He has captured numerous awards and has created quite a following.  He has excelled with Saint Louis University (SLU) as a sportscaster for the Billikens and was recently inducted into their Hall of Fame—which is no easy task.  Along with this award, he has also won the Missouri Sportscaster of the Year award an astounding 5 times as well as two Emmy’s. Watch the induction HERE.

His enthusiasm is also a drive for conservation efforts. He prides himself with doing what he can for conservation, and notes that even the little things can be considered big. His wife and three children recycle and frequently visit state parks and participate in outdoor sports. His family has a special interest in the Continental Divide trail in Colorado and the Colorado River. They visit Colorado every summer and have gathered attention, time and funds for the protection and conservation of the area. In addition, Bob Ramsey has spoken at the Missouri Botanical Garden and various schools about conservation efforts.

His love of basketball and passion for the outdoors has been a drive for his achievements and success.  It is this type of enthusiasm that has been beneficial for Ramsey and his family.


5 thoughts on “ESPN Bob Ramsey Interview

    1. Shay M Post author

      I’m trying to capture passion of athletics, volunteering and/or conservation in all of my interviews. It’s a must if you want to accomplish anything. Thanks for reading, and hope to hear some more comments.

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