Critics of Causes and Their Teachings

The content of Kony critics can be just as confusing as the actual ‘facts’ presented by Invisible Children. In actuality, each has it’s own agenda and will defend this agenda with manipulative twists and turns. In return, this can lead to a brain-scratching situation that leads to no end. This is not always the case, but has proven to be true time and time again.

Most people have a desire to help and to aid those in need. Whether or not this desire is accomplished through money donations or field work is entirely dependent on the individual–and this is completely fine. The point here is not to over extend donations or field work, but rather to, find a cause, investigate, decide how to contribute and finally, to determine if the contribution being given will help the cause.

There are many causes, abroad or at home, that need attention. But again, as pointed in “Educate your Wallet” be sure to make a wise decision on time and money spent. Even critics of a cause can lead astray those wanting to help through their teachings.


3 thoughts on “Critics of Causes and Their Teachings

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