Lynn Jane Bate–A surfer on a Mission

Putting passions first, Lynn Jane Bate has excelled within the world of surfing. She began her surfing experience in 2005. Shortly afterwards, in 2008, she received the Canary Islands Regional Championship award and in 2009, she was ranked 5th in Nationals from Spain. She has racked up quite an impressive list of accomplishments.

In addition to these feats, Lynn has also been working hard to teach others about surfing. In fact, she has created a Youtube page which does exactly that. Her group, The Digital Surf School, uploads videos and provides insight on how to properly surf and what to expect while doing so. While not an easy task to accomplish, teaching others is something Lynn feels she can manage and has included it on her lists of passions.

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As a goal-accomplishing competitor, she does have a soft spot. And, this soft spot is reserved for another organization: Save the Waves. This group manages to provide conservation efforts within the global surf zone while educating the public about the wonders of the world’s coastline. They have done a job well done. In addition, Lynn also donates her time protecting her favorite breaks by cleaning these areas of debris and trash.

Putting passion first, Lynn has achieved quite a bit with surfing. She collects awards, manages to teach others and saves enough time for conservation efforts. There isn’t much more to ask from a Champion surfer from the Canary Islands. Best of luck looking forward


6 thoughts on “Lynn Jane Bate–A surfer on a Mission

  1. Paul

    Thank you for visiting my site at and liking it.
    I have a recent post entitled “Prayer & Appeal for Joseph Teoh” in my blog related to yours. He’s a novice board surfer and on 10 December 2011 had a surfing accident which paralysed him from the neck down. What is “board surfing”? What are the dangers & safeguards? Thanks. Paul

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