2012 ASP World Tour

Currently, the ASP World Tour is in full effect. The Who’s Who in surfing is in full swing competing to take center stage. Located in Queensland/Australia, surfers have already begun catching the waves and riding towards the number one spot. And, among the women and men, Kelly Slater is currently on top (Again!) of the leader boards.This is no mild accomplishment. With 11 titles under his belt, a 12 in ’12 seems very likely. Also, the reigning champion has just turned 40 years old–in any sport, this can be considered ‘past prime,’ but Slater remains the best at turning heads and winning awards.The best of luck for all that are competing.

Round 3 Highlights:

Round 2 Highlights:

Round 1 Highlights:

Also, be sure to be on the lookout for Sally Fitzgibbons, Coco Ho, Tyler Wright in the Women’s division. Joel Parkinson, Adriano de Souza and Julian Wilson for the Men’s.


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