Conservation Surfing Groups

There are many groups all over the world that have a hand in protecting our oceans and the animals that live within them. While not an easy ask, these groups have dedicated themselves to produce the most desirable results. Here is a list of a few groups that pride themselves in helping out the environment.

1) Surfers for Cetaceans–This non-for-profit group fights harmful capture, harassment and killing of cetaceans and other ocean mammals. Based in Australia, this group provides awareness and education about cetaceans and other oceanic mammals. In 2006, they have guided the protection for specific hump-back whales along the Australian coast, and have even named these whales. This familiarity helps to bring a face to the cause and a more emotional response to the issue.  Here are some pictures from their adventures.

2) Surfrider Foundation–Founded in 1984, this group claims to protect the oceans in over 15 countries for the enjoyment of the waves, water and beaches. 25 years ago, they claimed that the ‘perfect wave, Point Break’ would be destroyed. After hearing this devastating news, they formed Surfrider Foundation and vowed to protect the waves for the enjoyment of others.

The perfect Wave

Surfrider Foundation

3) Surfers Against Sewage–Formed in 1990, Surfers Against Sewage vows to protect the waters against the harmful and disgusting affects of littering and pollution along the coastlines of the UK. The members were literally ‘sick of getting sick’ while surfing along these coastlines and decided to take action. They protect against 6 main disturbances: “sewage, marine litter, climate change, toxic chemicals, shipping and protecting the recreational wave resource” and have done a good job doing so.

Surfers Against Sewage


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