Who’s Who in Surfing

A comprehensive break-down of Who’s Who in the surf world. While not a complete list, this breakdown will at least point out the more familiar names and hopefully add to the excitement of following surfers and surfing.

1) Kelly Slater–Most people should be familiar with Kelly. He’s on top of the surfing world after completing his 11th win at the World ASP Tour. He participates with many sponsoring companies such as Billabong, Quicksilver and Channel Islands. Slater has also built his own Foundation that brings awareness and action to protecting the oceans.


2) Sage Erickson–Recently, she became “No. 2 on the ASP Women’s World Rankings” and is also climbing to the top as everyone’s favorite surfer. She is sponsored by Channel Islands, O’neill wetsuits and clothing and Revolution Surf Shop. Here, ASP World Tour interviews Sage and her past accomplishments.


3) Stephanie Gilmore–Stephanie is one of the World’s leading money getter through tournament’s amassing over $500k. She has also won the ASP World Tour 4 years in a row. She is sponsored through Ford, Cole Clark Guitars and Quicksilver.




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