5 Best Surf Spots

There are a ton of surf spots in the world–here are a few of them.

Great for Beginners

5) Cowell’s Beach, California–For Beginners

As reported by SurfingCal, Cowell’s Beach is a great place for beginners to learn how to surf. As with most places in California, the spot is mostly busy but the tides are calm to moderate.  This placed has gained a reputation for being a beginner’s venture area, so expect to see some fellow newbie’s learning to access the waves.

Top 5 surf spots not in California

4) Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolin–Not California

Cape Hatteras is known to produce some big swells. Away.com claims that newbies and pro’s both ascend to Cape Hatteras to find good breaks and “swells from every direction”.  The most important aspect of this find: Cape Hatteras is not located in California. Though California boosts some of the most prolific spots in the world, it’s good to find areas in the States other than California.

3) Lanai, Hawaii–Still in the United States (Scenic Waves)

Lanai Island is home to some of the best scenic waves ‘still in the United States’. The area, is a tourist destination but not one that gets overwhelming.  MSNBC claims that the area is secluded and that the waves open to “six-foot faces in a swell”. Most surf spots are also only accessible by four-wheel–pretty adventurous.

2) Esperance, Australia–Hyped Wave

Apparently, there is a wave found of the coast of Esperance, Australia that lays claim to the most hyped, least surfed wave in the world–the Cyclops. Let the video do the talking…

1) Jeffreys Bay–South Africa–Most Known, Still Good

Jeffreys Bay is a spot that most surfers and surf enthusiast’s know about. The area is great for all types of surfing and surf pro’s flock there often.  In 2007 Billabong also held a Pro Final, here are some highlights…Enjoy!



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