Surf Forecasting–Rogue Waves

Yesterday, we shared that surfers are going to the extreme and venturing out to the middle of the ocean to find these rogue waves. What is their strategy? How do they find these beasts?  The quick answer is specialized surf forecasting.  These surf forecasters use GPS technology and meteorology reports to pin-point locations where rogue waves can occur. Though, they are also the first one’s to admit, that the technology isn’t quite there yet.

Extreme surfers, on the other hand, are simply driven to find the best and most mammoth waves. Most of these extreme surfers are able to provide their own data when finding waves, but there are sources out there that can help pin-point swells. Swellinfo is one such site. However, they do focus more along the coast. Another site, Surf-Report also uses this technology to give a comprehensive view of analysis.

Either way, when looking for a ride, be sure to check those sites out (and others) for a more enjoyable surf. And, remember, if trying to find and surf a rogue wave, these beasts can topple ships. Surf at your own risk and never get above your head–be safe.


This video was taken from the popular Deadliest Catch program on the Discovery Channel. The video shows a perfect account of what a rogue wave can do.


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