Surf Culture

Surfing certainly is something that has made it’s mark in speech,music, fashion and lifestyle. In fact, there are many surf words that correlate to the ways surfers react to other surfers and the rest of us shubee’s (tourist surfers with no experience). Sure, all of us have heard of hang ten, stoked and wipe out but there are also words that are spoken in the surf world…not as a way to create something cool, but more or less used in general discussion. Their words are always changing and ever creative.

Surfing music has also changed with the trends. Sure, there are surf sounds that sound familiar to everyone still today…something like this rings a bell with everyone inside and outside the surf world. However, today the music have changed with the times. Ben Harper and Jack Johnson had success recently and now indie bands are leading the trend. As always, this too will one day get replaced as the trends change.

As for clothing style, this may be taking a backseat to the changing times, as far as quick progressive changes. This is made evident in the iconic Hawaiian button-down. This shirt, still made famous by dad’s and granddad’s everywhere, is still a staple in the shubee world–and there are a ton of shhubee’s. Anyways, brands like Quicksilver, RVCA and HippyTree are making changes and adding to the world of surf culture.

Of all these things, the surf lifestyle remains consistent. The waves are the most important. Everything else lays in the way-side. Sure, fashion and music contribute to culture, but when talking with surfers they are more concerned with finding the next wave


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