Ocean and Earth, RVCA and HippyTree

If there is anything about surfers, it is that they are ever changing and big on gear. Because of this, there is a huge market for the surfers and the surf friendlies.  Some of these sites have made big strides to market to those that surf or find it at least entertaining.

 Anyways, here is information on the sites and what to expect. Some of these cater specifically to clothing, while others have stayed true to surfing essentials…or tools for the sport.

RVCA—“The balance of opposites”

This brand came out of Billabong and was created from pro surfer Conan Hayes and entrepreneurial Pat Tenore. They focus on art subculture and have even focused their sponsorships into various art galleries around New York. Also, they sponsor 8 surfers, 4 skaters and even 3 MMA fighters. Their clothing is quickly becoming a trend, and their focus is giving back to communities—we like that.

Ocean and Earth—“Emerging”

Founded in 1979, Ocean and Earth promote themselves as having the strongest surf leash. Doesn’t sound cool, well, losing a surf board to some rash waves isn’t cool either. They also boost an impressive clothing line and can compete with having sufficient gear as well. Though, they were founded in 1979 in Australia, they are emerging as a complete brand as of late.

HippyTree—“Not just for Hippies”

This group formed in 2003 by Andrew Sarnecki. They have their roots in surfing and climbing and provide an eco-friendly label. They challenge the market to provide new and unique gear with high-quality products.  Andrew is a self-proclaimed hippy and South Bay surfer, who is true to the brands name—his friends even refer to him as hippy.  Be sure to check them out, they have unique but appealing gear.


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