Surf Class

Surfing is considered an extreme sport and can be enjoyed almost anywhere around the world. There are obvious hotspots and surfers frequent to these spots as much as possible. Getting to these hotspots and riding the wave depends on the surfer however.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away, back in the days of the Peruvian surfers, surf fanatics had to rely on surfing hotspots and their own intuition to find the tides. They then used their custom reed boards to catch a break and stay afloat. You can imagine the frustration.

Today, the concept is the same but the way to get there has changed dramatically. There are almost a dozen different types of boards for style, ability and fancy. All of these boards can be customized to better fit the desired dimensions and provide the amped surfer a more worthwhile experience. To even better accommodate, surfers can now also frequent websites that monitor patterns in weather to better determine the hotspots. Websites like wave cast use weather technology and aid surfers with finding prime destinations.

Even though the technology has changed dramatically, every surfer has the same goal—to find the big ride.


2 thoughts on “Surf Class

  1. richardsatoru

    Surfing looks so cool…I like how connected to nature talented surfers seem. Maybe when I move to LA I’ll take a few lessons…hmm.

    Also, I can only see one post on your home page. Is there no way to view older articles without checking the archive by month?

    1. Shay Meinecke Post author

      Thanks for the comment. And, yes,I am trying to touch up on the website design and layout. Haven’t figured that one out yet…I’ve seen other sites with the same layout that do “featured Posts”…


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