Charity Runs

The popularity of charity runs has increased dramatically. Causes like Breast Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and much other awareness have led many to ‘run for a cause’.  These runs and activities have been wildly successful and have helped to donate vast amounts of money for the many affected by the various illnesses and diseases.

Running in these charity races can be taken lightly or be taken very serious.  Some people strive for their personal best while others run with kegs and friends.  Whatever the case, getting together for a common positive goal is always beneficial for the people involved.

Whatever the drive of success, remember it is always for a good cause.  To prepare for a charity run it is beneficial to get actively involved. This means practice running for a few miles and, preferably, weeks beforehand.  Whether you are running for your personal best or running with kegs, practicing beforehand will save some face.  Here are some serious, but easy to follow guidelines:

1)      Stretch

a.       Before any run it is important to do some static stretches. This will get the blood flowing and muscles alert and ready.  Some easy and beneficial stretches are arm circles, leg swings, neck rolls and circle hip swings.

2)      Run (and walk)

a.       Obviously, this is essential.  However, most people don’t realize that it is ok to walk during your run. Always push yourself—but never too far.  Work within your comfort zone.

3)      Repetition

a.       As important as the previous two, it is incredibly important to repeat steps one and two for continued progress. In doing so, breathing will get easier and the heart will grow stronger.  You will notice that your runs will grow longer and your walks will eventually stop.

4)      Stretch Again

a.       After your successful stretches and runs it is vital to stretch. This time, hold your stretch for 30-45 seconds. Don’t over stretch as this can easily damage the muscles.  The point of stretching afterwards is to strengthen your muscles so that you can get out and practice again.

After successfully following these guidelines it is very easy to run for your personal best—either with a beer in hand or not.  And, remember; be happy to help others, while those who want to help may not be able to.  Get involved, stay involved, be active and always look to help others.


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