Trail RunningTrail Running:

Running serves as an accessible sport that most people can get into: its cheap, it’s easy and everyone knows how to do it. Those with a sense of adventure have decided to break out of the neighborhood and treadmill runs and have ventured into trail running. We commend those that have, and here’s why:

First of all, trail running can provide us with a great workout. And in the best sense, trail running can very easily deliver that sense of adventure that most of us crave.  Running stationary in a gym has its advantages and all, but those that have gotten out on a beaten path deep in the woods know the difference—there is no comparison.

Secondly, trail running is a sport.  Most of us engaged in a sport feel a sense of competition—and rightfully so. There are numerous competitions that offer various types of trail running. Most of us are probably not aware of the athletes involved or the events themselves, but they are taken very seriously.  Some of these events are back country running (which can last for weeks), urban trail running, fast packing and barefoot—to name a few.

Finally, trail running is gaining ground.  The sport itself is becoming more popular for competitors, amateurs and event planners alike.  A non-for-profit group can easily hold a race and attract a large crowd in the process.  Amateurs have an array of places to run and competitors can take advantage of the low cost associated with the sport.

So, for those of you looking to discover that sense of adventure, get off the treadmill and venture out on some trails.


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